KO Welding Supplies Australia
KO Welding Supplies Australia

New Space for KO Welding.

After exclusively selling through eBay and locally to business’ around Melbourne. We at KO Welding have launched our website as of today! Our valued customers have been requesting a website, so they can easily access all their welding needs in one convenient place. If you have any problems navigating through our website, or have constructive criticism on website accessibility and usability, send us a message: https://kowelding.com.au/contact-us

We will continue to add more features to the website and stock up on newly released products to keep you weldin’ those slick beads erry day!

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  1. Eric Ryker

    Last week was the first time I found you. It was on Ebay. Saw you had a web site so I went there instead of ordering on Ebay. Plain and simple web site, so much better than some of the other web sites which seem to only cater to the web designers ego.
    Ordered some goods and was impressed with the service. Will use you again although I don’t use much welding gear.
    Only one complaint – you sell bronze TIG filler rods, but only as a 1 kg pack. I only need a few to stock on a
    ‘just in case” basis and the cost and amount of 1 Kg is too much. I only use about 5 bronze rods per year in a big year so you can see 1 Kg is way too much. Do a smaller quantity and I will reconsider.
    Cheers, Eric.

  2. Alex

    Hi Eric, thanks for your kind words.
    We tried to formulate an easy to navigate website, keeping in mind the user!

    I’m sure we can send you 10 of silicon bronze rods free with you next order.

    Just put a note on check out at the bottom, so our dispatch can know to do so :D.


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