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KO Welding Supplies Australia

New stock alert!

Hey guys! We are excited to bring you new stock for your welding needs…

We have restocked all our tungsten range ready for you when you need it. On top of this we have added our new PINK Multi-mix tungsten; multipurpose for all applications!

Keep your eyes peeled for our new range of PYREX LUX kits; with high quality beveled brass collets and components. In addition to this we have our long awaited triple diffuser tapered BIG ceramic TIG cups.

We have expanded our torch head range, adding PENCIL & SWIVEL heads.

Along with restocking our wire collections we have introduced certified AWS stick electrodes including GPs, low-hydrogen, plus stainless 308L, 309L & 316L varieties in both 2.5mm & 3.2mm diameter electrodes. To top it off we also have some silicon bronze TIG wire as well!

We will be updating the page with details of these items over the coming days. Be sure to join the #koweldingfam on Instagram and lookout for our frequent giveaways. Instagram: @koweldingsupplies

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